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Oct 28, 2012 8:00am EDT
, check in on the weather and you can see the wind picking up. the camera over crystal city, marine corps marathon this morning, and runners are out there in advance of the storm. as we said, gwen, good morning. >> things will rapidly go downhill into this evening, melanie, and we want people to take this storm very seriously, because it is a massive storm. we are expecting massive winds and torrential rainfall. looking at the rain bands in the coastal area, sandy is moving in a northerly direction right now. even though it is still far away, we are feeling the effects. light rain in some areas, but to the south, heavier rain as the outer bands push their way towards the mid-atlantic. let's go to the maps and take a look at the spaghetti models, gradually coming together more and more, and this is very important, because it means that they are all kind of coming to a bit of consensus as to the fact it is definitely going to take its turn heading to the northwest and where it's going to make landfall, is the key question, of course. that's still not exactly determined. we are looking at th
Oct 21, 2012 8:00am EDT
in this area love to run. >> they do. we've got the greatest weather for our runners out there. >> great day to run in. >> great city. lots to see as you're running. yesterday was a fabulous day as well. started out with a few clouds. >> i thought it would be cold and it was nice. >> we have a cool time lapse to show you of when the clouds were here yesterday in the morning hours and as we got into the earlier part of the afternoon, how they cleared out and left nothing but the sunshine. this is a shot from our tower cam right here, right here in d.c. at our station. look at that. isn't that fabulous? i thought that was a cool thing. and our tape operations center put that together for me last night. i really, really like it. good indication, did you see that? that's where we're headed today, folks. be prepared. a pleasant day on tap for you. high pressure is in control. and that will dominate our weather pattern. plenty of sunshine in the days ahead. and also, guess what? we have a rise in the temperatures. wait until you see my seven-day forecast. yesterday, 69 at reagan nati
Oct 14, 2012 8:00am EDT
big push to restore playgrounds in the district. city officials launched the biggest playground revamp in the history. the latest effort will improve safety and facilities for more than 30 locations. the mayor says it will take a few months to get all the work done. >>> the mayor would say it's probably a great day to get out to the playground. >> oh, definitely. the weather is cooperating. it's one of these treats of fall that shows up every now and then. definitely great. let's take a live look outside. lot going on. here we have the warriors run. is that what that is? run for the warriors, i should say, where they are getting ready there for a very, very good cause. and as i said, they are going to have great weather. the winds will pick up a little later today, but right now, things are very, very pleasant outside. so we begin with a look at our weather headlines. much warmer and sunny today. we had some sunshine yesterday. today's going to be fairly nice. gusty winds, however. that's the difference between yesterday and today, not to mention the temperatures. we're keeping
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3